Leamington Spa

By Justin Callaghan

Royal Leamington Spa
Hotels, cafes, restaurants, pubs and things to do. 

Just Leamington Spa is the website to find out where things are in and around the town centre of Royal Leamington Spa.  Including the latest weather forecast! Brought to you by local web designer Justin Callaghan, Leamington born and bred.


Leamington Spa Hotels

If you are looking to visit Leamington Spa and stay overnight, you may need to book into a hotel.

Leamington Spa has a lot of great hotels situated close to the town centre. These include well known hotel chains such as Premier Inn and Travelodge.

Visit our Hotels page to find the location and addresses of many hotels in and around Royal Leamington Spa.

Please note the image used is for illustration purposes only and not a hotel room available.


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Leamington Spa Restaurants

Leamington Spa boasts a wide range of different restaurants in the town centre and surrounding streets.

You can find very good Italian, Indian, Thai, Pizza, English menus and other types of restaurants all within walking distance of the centre.

Use our handy map to find the location of over 20 lovely restaurants in Royal Leamington Spa.

Please note the image used is for illustration purposes only and not a restaurant in Leamington.


Leamington Spa Cafes, Pubs and Things to Do

Royal Leamington Spa has many cafes, coffee shops, pubs and plenty of things to do in and around the town centre.  We list many of these on our Leamington Spa maps.  Check a selection out below.

Leamington Spa Cafes

You won’t need to walk very far to find a cafe in Leamington Spa. There are many really nice cafes to enjoy a coffee and cake whilst visiting the town centre. On our map of cafes you will find 15 of the best cafes situated in Royal Leamington Spa. Enjoy!


Leamington Spa Pubs

Leamington Spa has many vibrant pubs in and around the town centre. There are decent pubs situated along Regent and Warwick Street and at the very top of the parade. To find the exact locations and addresses of many pubs, check out the Pubs page. Cheers!


Leamington Spa Things to Do

Leamington Spa has some very nice tourist attractions and places to visit nearby and is not too far from Warwick, Kenilworth and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Why not visit Jephson Gardens, Victoria Park, Warwick Castle or Chesterton Windmill Enjoy your visit!